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Jellybean staff say:

Miss Akhtar: "I enjoy working with the children as I love to see their progression throughout their time in the setting.  Jellybean Nursery is as a close family setting, working as a team to ensure everybody is included and progresses".

Mrs Blair: "I love to be involved in the children's learning, watching how they develop and achieve.  Working at Jellybean Nursery is not a job but a vocation and I love being part of a team who strive for the same outcomes."

We are reliant on out trustees for Governance, Guidance and the opinions that are very important to the Nursery - and we welcome parents who would like to be involved with our dynamic and important Trustee Board - If you are interested in joining us please contact lisa@jellybeannursery.com


We are a dedicated team of people, who not only care about each and every one of our children, we are qualified to give them the best experience in there tender years.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our our qualifications match the aspirations for ourselves, our parents and our children.



Jellybean Nursery
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Telephone: 07794224855

E-Mail: jellybeanb21@gmail.com
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